Permanent Residents


HEY!!! Where is MY DINNER????

The dish is EMPTY!!!

Back in 2008 a very tall malamute was in a shelter on the east side of Michigan. As it turned out, Carol was getting ready for the West MI Pet Expo in Grand Rapids, so she got pictures of Bear and had him up on the Available Dogs board. As luck would have it a wonderful retired couple (the husband was a disabled Vietnam veteran) fell in love with Bear and filled out an application right away. Bear was being fostered by a professional dog trainer so she got him used to odd sounds, unsteady humans, wheelchairs, etc. Bear had a new job to do! It was a perfect match and Bear was living about 2 miles from Carol's house so she was able to visit Bear and see how things were going. Bear was one very happy and spoiled dog. He had his own swimming pool to splash around in and a border collie who would come down for playdates in the fenced yard.

Fast forward to Sept of 2013. The wife was battling cancer and had numerous surgeries but was still able to care for Bear. The husband's health was declining as well. In late November we got a frantic call from the neighbor that the wife was in hospice and we needed to remove Bear quickly. We picked Bear up and got him to our kennel that day. Sadly four short days later the wife passed away. Less than a month later the husband passed away.

Bear is now a permanent resident as he's a cranky old man and doesn't have a lot of patience. Some health issues cropped up as well. As you can see in the picture on the right he's very demanding.Oh and he has a horrible screechy bark...

We love the old curmudgeon and as long as he's got a quality life he will be with us.